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Soros is het gezicht van het kwaad. Hij treedt naar buiten maar er zijn er op de achtergrond meer als hij. Hij is a.h.w. ke katvanger en hij heeft ook weer katvangers. Hij heeft bekende “namen” in zijn macht. Wat nu gebeurt, was wat eerst een stille linkse revolutie was, nu een openlijke linkse revolte wordt. Verbeeld je niks. De staat zou er voor zijn burgers moeten zijn. Dat is in naam zo, maar wordt meer en meer met voeten getreden. De burgers zijn er voor de staat en hebben steeds minder rechten en krijgen steeds meer plichten. En de democratie wordt steeds meer uitgehold.

George Soros Laid it Out for All to See

June 30, 2020 Thomas Müller

In 2016, DC Leaks revealed George Soros’ under-slimy-rocks (scheming-important read). People need to realize that he is pretty much out in the open on his pronouncements. All one needs to do is read his statements carefully, and then read between the lines. This New York Times article is a case in point.

The ultimate grand strategy of Soros and his cabal is looting and stealing using the Alinsky take-down template. The idea is to create a problem via a weak union, such as the European Union and what’s left of the United States, and then have the weak sisters bury themselves in debt to the bankster arm of the Cabal Crime Syndicate. The Covid-1984 scam fiscal and monetary response is the final straw.

Infamous 1998 60 Minutes interview when Soros explains this “taking away property” looting function as an amoral teenager in 1944 Hungary.

Financially weakened, then follows an orchestrated Alinskyite aggression that strains the target countries’ social structure and further ruins its finances. Throw in for good measure a requirement for those countries to give up scarce resources for sheltering African and Middle Eastern migrants, and in the case of the U.S. – Latin Americans. The biggest remaining obstacle for these looters is the residual national, social and racial self-preservation still in play. The St. Floyd deception deals with that.

Read “StruggleSessions and the Mythical Inverted Cult of St. Floyd”

It is little wonder that the public was bombarded with Hitler this and Nazi that.. This was the exact narrative laid out by George Soros himself during the January 2007 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

“America needs to go through a certain de-Nazification process,” Soros told reporters, and professed that he saw himself as an “Old Testament God.”

As of 2020, OSF’s budget is $1.2 billion. OSF’s operations are notoriously complex, and in 2016 the foundation was labeled the least transparent “think tank” in the United States reviewed by NGO Monitor, an OSF-funded transparency group.

Germany is especially vulnerable to this because of the now 75-year-old “holocaust” guilt trip that gets Germans to kowtow or be cucks to these schemes. In addition, the scheme equates being a German nationalist — or even a moderate who is a Germany Firster — to being a Nazi. Merkel’s tizzy fits over displaying German flag is illustrative of this mind set (see video below).

Read “Merkel gave Antifa supporter 1 million euros for left-wing propaganda”

This opens the gates for an operative like Soros to promote harebrained schemes, followed by his standard “finance” solution. Yes, that untapped “AAA borrowing capacity” he happens to mention in the 2016 NYT article would be Germany. It has now been tapped. So Soros would have Germany not only accept migrant hoards but also go into debt to support migrants all over Europe. Of course, Soros has already successfully exploited Germany (and France) to backstop the already looted PIGGS of Europe.

It would be impossible for the EU to finance this expenditure out of its current budget. It could, however, raise these funds by issuing long-term bonds using its largely untapped AAA borrowing capacity.

Soros doesn’t like Germany. He also knows that since German politicians have been turned into cucks, the country can be aggressively looted in the next close-out phase. He places the responsibility for the failed E.U. experiment at Germany’s doorstep.

Finally, as part of Soros’ cucking mind games, he challenges Germany and Merkel by chiding them about Hungary’s Victor Orban.

Soros’ comment on this is a real revelation. It’s ironic indeed that Soros twists the Orban challenge to be about a subversive attack on European values from the inside. Wow, amazing. I think Mr. Soros is guilty of some projection here. And about those “values”: Would those be your values, Mr. Soros?

France’s daily Le Monde has referred to the Hungarian prime minister as the man who attempted to “criminalize” illegal immigrants. It’s indeed a strange “xenophobic” country that would criminalize those who break its laws!

Soros: “Orbán advocates using the national borders to keep out migrants.”

Schmitz: “And who is winning the conflict?”

Soros: “In Hungary, he has won hands down. More disturbingly, he is also winning in Europe. He is challenging Merkel for the leadership of Europe. He launched his campaign at the party conference in September 2015 of the Christian Social Union of Bavaria (the sister party of Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union) and he did so in cahoots with Horst Seehofer, the German party chairman. And it is a very real challenge. It attacks the values and principles on which the European Union was founded. Orbán attacks them from the inside.“

Victor Orban on his end knew full well the nexus between the destabilization of the Middle East and evil take down of Libya and Syria. The Open Society Foundation leaks confirmed it. Orban stated these were the causa proximas of the situation in which Europe found itself. He called it a “coercive engineered migration.” Telling the truth and engaging in national self-preservation is a dangerous proposition for any politician, especially one who is on shyster Soros’ shit list.

Soros does not operate independently. In fact, he is the front or cover for a whole posse of discordian billionaire Luciferians with similar agendas. These foundations are far more than the aging Soros and will scarcely miss a beat when he passes away. A dead give away is that criticism of Soros is dubbed “antisemitism” by the Crime Syndicate. He is treated like Teflon in the Lugenpresse.

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Soros’ other strategy is the placement of fifth columnists throughout European and American government. At this point, this program has been astonishingly successful. It didn’t skip a beat and in fact accelerated during the Trump faux regime. All these odd-duck plants follow policies such as hyper tolerance, light prosecutions of criminals, emptying jails, the gutting of police departments and standing down in the face of looters and arsonists.

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Even a cursory examination of the Soros-DC Leaks documents reveal a web of conspiracy reaching into a multitude of issues.

The Funding of Social Justice Warriors and a Color Revolution

There has been a significant influx of new funds in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and other racial and social justice initiatives, particularly from organizations and foundations that have not previously been big players. The NoVo Foundation’s announcement in 2016 that it would invest $90 million over seven years to fight the “structural inequalities” facing young women of color in the United States and Google’s $5 million Racial Justice Initiative are just two examples.

Since the George Floyd deception, 5th Column corporate donations and support to these organizations has grown off the charts.

With funds that OSF had reserved for “rapid response,” and after consultation with Aryeh, OSF decided to add to the capacity of Color of Change, a multi-issue African-American advocacy organization with 900,000 online members that previously had played a lead role in ousting Glenn Beck from CNN.

There are numerous mentions of direct affiliation with the racist La Raza organization. The fight against “racism” and “hate-mongering” is spearheaded by the Center for American Progress, America’s Voice, Center for New Community, the ADL, Southern Poverty Law Center and National Council of La Raza.

Weaponized Migration: “This invasion is driven, on the one hand, by people smugglers, and on the other by those (human rights) activists who support everything that weakens the nation-state.”

There is a strategy for migration that works closely with George Soros, OSIFE, IMI and other human traffickers that respond to crises in the Mediterranean and reduce administrative detention for undocumented migrants and asylum-seekers in Europe, and to improve the due process norms used in expelling migrants from the E.U and the US. Human trafficking under the guise of humanitarianism is big business.

Political capture and elections: OSF had the goal of securing fundamental reform by the year 2020, before the next census and redistricting process took place in conjunction with a seminal election. States such as Arizona, Georgia and North Carolina have been quickly changing demographically and rising in political significance.

Money in Politics: In reality, OSF is a paper tiger, pulling resources away from election reform.

From the Feb. 2016 file: “Foundation funding for the broader reform of money in politics field has been declining. This summer, the MacArthur Foundation announced that it would exit the democracy field. This leaves a hole of approximately $1 million per year in the budgets of organizations it funds under the Concept. It is possible that Ford’s new direction will mean further reduction in funding to the field. For the last 4 years, the Omidyar Network’s Democracy Fund has provided substantial funding to a number of grantees, but recently it told some of them (including the Brennan Center) that they are “too liberal” to be funded in future cycles.”

Pushing for abuse of presidential executive orders: See the constant use of foreign-born or first-generation American operatives and fifth-column infestations.

Using three anchor grantees and a former senior administration official as discussants to detail their views of priorities and constraints, it will consider both the most promising substantive areas for executive action (in areas from transparency to criminal justice to wage and labor rules) as well how OSF might effectively further these.

Participants: Maria Echaveste, Warren Institute on Law and Social Policy (Mexican-American); Neera Tanden, Center for American Progress (Indian); Michael Waldman, Brennan Center (Jewish? unable to confirm); Wade Henderson, Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights (American black).

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Top Down Federalization of Police: It recommends that U.S. Programs support three activities to promote “police accountability” and reform efforts across the United States. This is now in full court press as police are defunded and quit in many blue cities following the St. Floyd deception.

Create a national intermediary organization with significant expertise to engage with and support local campaigns and offer new ideas for police reform. (Insert federal bureaucracy and national politics into local policing.)

Engage progressive police unions and leaders of national police associations serving officers of color and ethnic minorities to support police accountability and transparency. (Increase left-wing political influence in local police departments.)

3. Improve the impact of federal intervention to address local policing practices. (Create more federal laws that criminalize law enforcement practices.)

Gun control and self-defense law: It’s clear that there are moves afoot to do away with Stand your Ground statutes. At the same time, dindus are subjecting innocent people (of all races) to severe beatings and posting them on Instagram.

Onthoud dit dus:

The idea is to create a problem via a weak union, such as the European Union and what’s left of the United States, and then have the weak sisters bury themselves in debt to the bankster arm of the Cabal Crime Syndicate. The Covid-1984 scam fiscal and monetary response is the final straw.

De ngo’s van George Soros brachten manipulerende EU-verkiezingen aan het licht in 2500 document-hack van DC Leaks

15 februari 2017 · 3 min

Hier is een volledige lijst van door George Soros gefinancierde NGO’s die verkiezingen manipuleren in alle EU-lidstaten.

De Hongaarse miljardair en zijn ngo’s hebben enorme macht, en de documenten die DC Leaks deelt, laten zien hoe Soros regeringen omver werpt en burgeroorlogen aanzet, zodat hij enorme financiële winsten kan maken.

Dit is een enorme schat aan NGO-notulen, witboeken, excel-budgetten en mediaplannen van Soros die gedetailleerd beschrijven hoe Soros en zijn NGO’s regeringen en financiële instellingen vanachter het gordijn leiden.

U kunt de volledige, doorzoekbare bestanden vinden op de DCLeaks-website . Hierin wordt beschreven dat Soros en zijn netwerk van ngo’s ‘slaven van miljoenen en miljoenen mensen vergieten om hem nog rijker te maken’.

George Soros is een Hongaars-Amerikaanse zakenmagnaat, investeerder, filantroop, politiek activist en auteur die van Hongaars-Joodse afkomst is en een dubbele nationaliteit heeft. Hij drijft meer dan 50 wereldwijde en regionale programma’s en stichtingen. Soros wordt genoemd als de architect en sponsor van bijna elke revolutie en coup over de hele wereld gedurende de afgelopen 25 jaar. Dankzij hem en zijn poppen wordt USA beschouwd als een vampier, niet als een vuurtoren van vrijheid en democratie. Zijn slaven morsen miljoenen en miljoenen mensen om hem nog rijker te maken. Soros is een oligarch die de democratische partij Hillary Clinton sponsort, honderden politici over de hele wereld. Deze website is ontworpen om iedereen de beperkte documenten van George Soros ‘Open Society Foundation en aanverwante organisaties te laten bekijken. Het vertegenwoordigt werkplannen, strategieën, prioriteiten en andere activiteiten van Soros. Deze documenten werpen licht op een van de meest invloedrijke netwerken ter wereld.

Hier is een volledige lijst van NGO’s van Soros die verkiezingen in alle EU-lidstaten manipuleren, compleet met de doelstellingen van het project, contactpersonen en subsidiebedragen.

De 2576 bestanden zijn vrijgegeven door DCLeaks, een website die beweert te zijn “gelanceerd door de Amerikaanse hacktivisten die de vrijheid van meningsuiting, de mensenrechten en de regering van het volk respecteren en waarderen”.

De documenten zijn afkomstig van meerdere afdelingen van Soros ‘organisaties. De Open Society Foundations van Soros lijkt de groep te zijn met de meeste documenten in het lek. De bestanden zijn afkomstig uit secties die bijna alle geografische regio’s in de wereld vertegenwoordigen, van de VS tot Europa, Eurazië, Azië, Latijns-Amerika, Afrika, de Wereldbank ‘het presidentschap’ en een onbekende entiteit genaamd SOUK. Zoals de Daily Caller opmerkt , zijn er documenten die dateren van ten minste 2008 tot 2016.

Documenten in het lek lopen uiteen van onderzoeksdocumenten zoals ” EUROPEAN CRISIS: Key Developments of the Last 48 Hours ” gericht op de impact van de vluchtelingencrisis, tot een document met de titel ” Het Oekraïne-debat in Duitsland “, tot een update van specifieke financiële gegevens over subsidies .

Een e-mail die eerder deze week door WikiLeaks was gelekt, toonde aan dat Soros Hillary Clinton tijdens haar ambtstermijn als staatssecretaris had geadviseerd over hoe ze onrust in Albanië moest aanpakken – advies waar ze naar handelde.

Via: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-08-14/george-soros-hacked-over-2500-internal-docs-released-online

Onthoud dit dus:

Over Soros

De Hongaarse miljardair en zijn ngo’s hebben enorme macht, en de documenten die DC Leaks deelt, laten zien hoe Soros regeringen omver werpt en burgeroorlogen aanzet, zodat hij enorme financiële winsten kan maken.

Dankzij hem en zijn poppen wordt USA beschouwd als een vampier, niet als een vuurtoren van vrijheid en democratie. Zijn slaven morsen miljoenen en miljoenen mensen om hem nog rijker te maken


James Franklin